An Open Letter to My Girlfriend…


Dear Abby, (That is still funny to me).

Babe, I can’t believe it’s been a year. Admittedly, I think the distance has made it go faster, but nonetheless, a year has flown by. I wanted to take some time and share some of the reasons why I love you.

  • You have an uncanny ability to make the goofiest joke with near perfect comedic timing. Seriously, it’s borderline supernatural.
  • You’re passionate about getting the perfect gift. It’s like there’s a special recipe you see that’s has different portions of thoughtfulness, love, and your personality, and you always seem to find it.
  • You’ve not just handled, but embraced my full blown nerdiness. Few people could handle a conversation on the theology of early church fathers while on their way to the new Star Wars movie (while I’m wearing a Star Wars shirt), but you don’t miss a beat.
  • You are quite skilled at rolling with my half-thought out plans. You seem to trust me, even when I’m not so sure I would.
  • Your ability to call me out for my mistakes without attacking me or tearing me down.
  • You randomly smack my butt, and enjoy it way too much.
  • You are more emotionally connected to God, which serves as a powerful reminder that it is a relationship with God, and not just a lecture or class.
  • You are warm, kind, and expressive, whereas I am a cold, sarcastic piles of rocks at times, and I need that warmth in my life.

I better understand Paul’s opening to the Philippians when he said “I thank my God for thee everyday”.

In short, I love you, and thank you for being in my life. As I am prone to say, we have enough in common to come together, and are different enough to keep life interesting.


PS. to the reader: Please leave your favorite thing about Abby in the comments down below. I can’t list every way she’s awesome, so I need your help 😉

8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Girlfriend…

  1. Oh Abby! Just ONE of the many reasons I love you is because you have such a sincerely tender heart for everyone in your life and you truly want the very best for each of them.


  2. Gah! I haven’t met Abby yet, but my favorite thing is watching you turn into the pile of mush that Hunter became when we started dating. It’s cute and disgustingly sweet and all the things. And….your dating anniversary is 2 days and 2 years off from ours. This seems like a perfect way for me to draw anecdotal comparisons between our 2 relationships, but they’d likely be fueled by pregnancy brain so I’ll hold off. I’m hoping to meet her soon! Keep doing the love thing! All the feels!


  3. I’m just wondering when I’ll get a wedding invite 🙂 you two Make such a beautiful couple and may I say also you both compliment one another so wonderfully!!!


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