Get to know me


I’m Brady. I’m a United Methodist pastor and chaplain in the US Army Reserves. I have a passion for helping people connect to God, and God to people.

This is my blog where I will talk about finding God outside of “Sunday morning” (read: church). I write about God in the pain, as well as the joy, of life. I’ll talk about some things that have helped me as a pastor (things like leadership tricks and techniques). And you’ll likely see some Op-Ed/Social Commentary pieces sprinkled in.

My hope is that by sharing God in my life, you’ll be able to better find God in yours. If you’re another leader in ministry, I hope we can better each other. This is meant to be a blog where we all learn to see God more clearly, and where leaders talk about improving.

Here are a few examples:

God outside of Sunday Morning:

Ministry Leadership:

Social Commentary and Thoughts on Life:

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Remember, I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it…

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