Pastoral Reflections

Ministry is a difficult journey sometimes. We all need a space to reflect and process certain moments of pain and hardship. This is my corner for doing exactly that. Hopefully these reflections help you process what God is doing in your life as well…

That old suit… – Sometimes we can become too familiar with grief, pain, and loss. It’s important for us to understand both the good and bad of our feelings in those moments.

Does this ring make me look engaged? – After getting engaged, I wondered why men don’t wear engagement rings, and did some digging. What I found was interesting to say the least. Here are a few reasons why I chose to wear my wedding band early.

Drifting into sin… – Sin sneaks up on us far more often than we’d like to admit. Here are some thoughts about that danger.

Baptized by tears… – After being present with a young couple that lost their infant son to SIDs, I share my thoughts and feelings about the situation.

Why I would stop being a Christian… – My response to ‘the problem of evil’. How do we continue in our faith when the world seems unfair and doesn’t make sense.