6 Apps to Help You with Spiritual Growth…

Guest Writer – Abigail Yeazel

In this day and age, technology keeps growing in popularity, practicality and usage. This means that apps are being used more and more. Christian culture has utilized the popularity of apps to create apps for spiritual growth. I’m thankful for the reasoning many have done it. Just like Jesus, they seek to meet people where they are.

Personally, I use several of these different apps during my morning devotional times. I thought it might be helpful to share those with you. I stand with the leadership in the goal for personal growth in each of you, so if this can help you in your morning quiet times or with motivation to have a quiet time/ morning devotional time, praise be to God.

With each app I have listed the description given by Google Play as well as listed why and how I use it.


BibleBy Life.ChurchCost: Free                             

This Bible app is a convenient way to access all 66 books of the Bible, tools for Bible learning, and strives to be accessible to all people.

Features Include:

  • ability to read the bible daily
  • customization of your Bible
  • an online community conversation
  • 30+ translations
  • 1,200+ versions,
  • Audio and offline versions.
  • Devotional plans

I use this app almost daily, mainly for the devotional plans. They are quick devotions that only take a few minutes providing book excerpts and scripture. Examples of devotionals I’ve completed are “Love to the Uttermost: Holy Week”, “My Utmost for His Highest” and “The Confident Woman Devotional”. Also if you see me pull my phone out during a sermon, it’s probably to pull a scripture up on my phone.

Scripture Typer

Bible Memory: Scripture Typer – By Millennial Apps, LLC 

Cost: Free for Basic app/ $9.99 for pro

Scripture Typer is a great way to memorize Bible verses. In this app you can memorize by using cognitive areas of audio, visual and touch memory.

Features Include:

  • Type, Memorize, Master actions
  • Audio and Visual flash cards
  • Review system
  • Review reminders
  • 10+ Bible translations
  • Recording Vocal system

This app has been helpful for me in helping contain God’s word from my heart to my brain and vice versa. I just input verses that pertain to what God is currently teaching me and that I come across and they come across in a routine system the app has.


Abide Prayer and Meditation – By Carpenters Code Inc. 

Cost: Free for the basic app, $4.99/ month for premium membership

Abide has daily prayers that help with topics like rest, depression, addiction, sleep, marriage, mindfulness, forgiveness, stress and more. It is recommended by pastors and Christian therapists.

Features Include:

  • Powerful prayer
  • Guides that contain teaching, prayer and life- application
  • Step by step audio exercises
  • Daily prayer
  • Reminders for prayer time

I’ve used this app mainly for the basic meditation prayers it has for the end of the day. They take you through the day and giving both your actions and the happenings of the day to God. I also just started using the guides for a meditation aid.

Ransomed Heart

Ransomed Heart – By Ransomed Heart – Cost: Free for App, pro membership fee

Ransomed Heart is a ministry founded by John and Stasi Eldredge, authors who are best known for “Wild at Heart” and “Captivating”. They provide resources for teaching men and women how to walk with God and teaching the treasure found in scripture.

Features include:

  • Daily Lifeline (daily reading in Text and Audio)
  • Prayers (Text and Audio)
  • RH Podcasts RH Team
  • Blogs
  • RH Store (mobile version)

Ransomed Heart has a daily prayer recording that I have downloaded and I often listen to it on my way to work in the morning.   It’s a great way to start the day under the lordship of Jesus while both acknowledging and dedicating the day to the work of the Trinity. I also have listened to podcasts, subscribe to their daily reading, and watch their monthly “Women at the Well” live stream event.

You TubeYouTube- by Google Inc. – Cost: Free for App, pro membership fee

YouTube has millions of online videos available to the world. They do vary in subject. Just like the Christian culture has jumped on board to create apps to use, the Christian culture has also jumped on board to provide Christian videos.

Features Include:

  • Personal Recommendations
  • History of watched and liked videos
  • Subscriptions to favorite YouTube channels
  • Interactions of likes, comments and shares
  • Upload and edit your own videos

I personally use YouTube in my devotions to watch short videos that are about 5 minutes or less in length by speakers like Christine Caine, Beth Moore, Francis Chan, etc. If a specific worship song comes to mind, I’ll watch it with lyrics on YouTube. I’ll also use it to listen to sermons.


K-LOVE- Educational Media Foundation – Cost: Free

K-Love is a world-wide Christian Radio Station who features popular Christian artists. This app is a portable radio station where you can listen to Christian Radio via your phone.

Features Include:

  • Search for the nearest K-LOVE Station
  • Alarm Clock playing the station
  • Biographies on Christian Artists
  • Encouraging Word
  • Recently Played Songs information
  • 24 Hour Pastors available for prayer and wisdom

I often will listen to K-LOVE, whether in the car, at home, or at work, K-LOVE is a positive part of my day. I have utilized the 24 hour pastors once or twice before and have found them to be helpful. I also just learned about the alarm clock option, so I’m excited to give that a try.

My hope is that you found this to be somewhat helpful. I encourage you to share with either with me or others what you do to grow in your relationship with God.

Let me know your thoughts down below.

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