A Visit With Jim…


I enjoy being creative. Whether it’s wood working, writing stories, or some other outlet, I like to create stuff. It often times helps me process and express some of what is going on emotionally internally.

Today I wrote a story to help me process and talk about some of the difficulties that come with chaplaincy and pastoring. Namely those most intimate moments and conversations that I’ve been invited in to. Names and details have been changed to protect privacy. This isn’t an attempt to justify or judge anything that’s been expressed.

It’s a rough draft. The “world” is not fully built, and the narrative isn’t quite what I’d want it to be. Some of the imagery isn’t as subtle as I’d like, and I’m sure some of what I intended to express isn’t readily noticeable.

That said, I still want to share what I can. So here is my first pass…

A visit with Jim

Let me know your thoughts down below.

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